April 16, 2012!

Client Sectors

Our Clients

Our client-centric approach to all our cleaning operations allows us
to maximise on our past endeavours and draw on long-term benefits
we ourselves have contributed towards. We have invested in human resources to continue to assure impeccable, flexible, and cost-effective services to accommodate all needs whenever they may arise. Our entire staff contingent enjoys this extensive customer oriented synergy that increases our ‘quality assurance’ to always put our clients first.


Current clients include the prestigious Embassy in Malta – The American Embassy Complex – Ta Qali and their residential properties. The expanding Five Star Intercontinental Hotel – St Julians. Playmobil Malta Ltd, a German Maltese high quality industry, considered to be the largest industrial complex on the Island, have also entrusted their cleaning operations to Commercial Cleaners.

Other clients include The Oracle Casino, M.S.D.E.C., dental clinics, Chamber School of English and their residencies, Vista Coop Childcare centers around Malta, offices, showrooms, TV production offices, advertising agencies, private homes to VVIP customers and apartments/complexes to name but a few. It is not the first time that we have also provided staff to customers who also require waiting staff or kitchen help since we have an extensive amount of personnel who have varied skills. We take great pride in offering the best in customer care and listen to your needs. We strive to deliver what we promise and guarantee customer satisfaction.


“We consider Commercial Cleaners Ltd a highly qualified and a reliable partner. Our relationship has constantly grown because of the satisfaction of our customers at the American Embassy. We are pleased to confirm that Commercial Cleaners Ltd, exceeds our expectations in every aspect.”
Mr David A. Cubitt - Contracting Officer – Regional Procurement Support Office – Frankfurt.

“Commercial Cleaners Ltd have been our main contractor since 2004. The level of service rendered was always outstanding and we have received all the support from Commercial Cleaners and Jean Xuereb to meet our business needs.”
Mr Albert Galea – Director of Finance & Business Support – Intercontinental Hotel


“We had in the past engaged our own staff to clean our Casino, but since we have contracted the cleaning to Commercial Cleaners Ltd, the venue has changed overnight and their engagement was definitely a lift-up to the services we offer. This is not just my feedback but that of our clients who often congratulate us. The upkeep is of high standards at all times. Their services are constantly supervised under the watchful eye of Mr Jean Xuereb who emphasizes the importance of giving a good service at all times.”

Mr Jesmond Galea – General Manager - Oracle Casino


”Vista Coop operates five childcare centres. Daily thorough cleaning is paramount in our organisation. After years of problems
employing individual cleaners, we took up the option of subcontracting this operational function. We decided to ask Commercial
Cleaners Ltd to take up the task. We have found the company very efficient in their execution and also attentive to our individual
needs. Their management is quick to respond to issues and give their utmost in accommodating in our requests.”
Mr Hilary Caruana - Managing Partner - Vista Coop


”Thermoplastics hired Commercial Cleaners Ltd in March 2015 to clean our manufacturing facility. Since then, our premises are at its best
compared to prior contracted cleaning services. Jean is always willing to go above and beyond standard service to make sure everything
is tidy, clean and aesthetically pleasing. I have personally noticed that for Commercial Cleaners, cleaning is not only removing dust and
organizing clutter, it means much more. Commercial Cleaners is also helping us to have a safer workplace and improving our productivity.
I would recommend Commercial Cleaners to anyone who wants an outstanding cleaning services”.
Mr Kenneth Caruana - Managing Director - Thermoplastics Ltd


“I can confirm that all cleaning operations were managed professionally and efficiently by Mr Jean Claude Xuereb and I have no
problem in recommending him to any prospective client”
Mr Roderick Bajada, Head HR, Administration and Customer Service - Malta International Airport.